Take advantage on one-on-one time with Donna Mee to hone in on exactly the topics and levels that are needed and wanted. Appointments can be done live in person or via webcam from anywhere in the world for artists and aspiring artists that can not make it to one of Donna’s live Training courses or Master Classes.

Private lessons are also a great way to maximize comprehension of a previous training with Donna. Scheduling one-on-one, private time to review any portion of the plethora of information that Donna delivers during her classes is a great idea to ensure the application skills or marketing information was not misunderstood or forgotten.

Donna is aware that everyone learns at different rates, and she is skilled at teaching artists regardless of how high their IQ is and regardless of possible learning disabilities. Therefore private lessons often give artists the major light bulb moments they may have missed in a previous training. Donna’s goal is to do everything possible to allow artists to absorb as much theory, and hands-on skills and confidence as possible.

Artists can design their own private lesson by specifically requesting to cover any of the subjects from the list below that Donna Mee teaches.

What Skin Products to Invest in & What to Avoid
Skin Analysis Including Determining Dehydration Level
Maintaining Healthy Skin
Correcting Skin Issues
Healing Acne
Slowing Down Aging & Preventative Products
Recommending Products that Deliver Results
Skin Care Myths You Currently Believe To Be True
Skin Disorders Vs. Skin Diseases You Need to Recognize
Skin Care Industry Terminology
Seeing Through the Gimmicks & Marketing
Products and Ingredients to Look for and to Avoid
Proper Skin Prep on Location
The Truth About SPF’s & Sun Blocks
Proper Hygiene & Sterilization of Makeup, Brushes & Tools
How to Refer Clients: Laser Treatments, Botox, Fillers, etc.

Makeup Kit Products & Colors to Invest in & What to Avoid
Pro Palette Making for Lips & Eyes
Advanced Makeup Brush Utilization
Truth & Techniques for Primers & Eye Shadow Bases
Proper Concealing Techniques
Undertones verses Surface Tones
Foundation Selection of Coverage, Finish & Formula
Properly Working with Loose & Pressed Powders
Cream & Powder Blush Application Techniques
Advanced Eyeliner Pencil Techniques
Advanced Techniques for Gel & Liquid Eyeliner
Mastering the Art of Eyebrows / Shaping & Symmetry
Custom, Pain-Free Tweezing Techniques
Advanced Brow Color with Pencils, Powders & Gels
Advanced Eye Shadow Application Techniques
Various Lash Curlers & Utilization Techniques
Trouble shooting Hard to Curl Lashes
Mascara Application Techniques
Proper Station Set Up for Speed

Advanced Color Theory As it Applies to Makeup
Color Analysis As it Applies To Makeup
Color Symbolism As it Applies to Makeup
Determining the Best Lip & Cheek Colors
Becoming a Makeup MacGyver to Create Anything
Cutting Down Your Kit for More Success, Ease & Speed
Advanced Color Correcting & Concealing with Less Product
Advanced Color Mixing for Foundation & Powders
Why Olive Makeup in Pro Brands is Rarely Olive in Color
Global / Ethnic Beauty Makeup
Corrective Beauty Makeup
Eye Makeup based on Eye Shapes, Eye Angle, Spacing
How Depth of Socket, Eyelid Size & Ratio Alters Makeup
Maximizing Eye Color w/ Donna Mee Methods
Corrective Beauty Eye Makeup
Smokey Eye Makeup
Advanced Mascara Application
Corrective Smokey Eye Makeup
Selecting the Best False Eye Lash Styles for Each Client
Mastering False Lash Application Techniques
Corrective Lip Shaping
Custom Creating Lip Colors, Textures & Finishes
7 Stroke Lipstick Application
Advanced Contour & Highlight Techniques – Simplified
Training Your Eye to See Symmetry Issues
(You’ve Never Seen Before)
Contouring & Highlighting Various Face Shapes
Mastering Cheekbones with Contour & Highlight
Mastering Noses with Contour & Highlight
Selecting the Best Luminizer for Desired Effect
Application Techniques & Secrets to Working w/ Luminizers

Men’s Grooming
Clean Beauty Makeup
Beauty Makeup for Print
Color Selections for Indoor verses Outdoor & Time of Day
Makeup for Black & White Photography
Mature Makeup
Mastering Custom Designed Bridal Makeup
Fashion & High Fashion Makeup
Runway/Catwalk Makeup
Pageant Makeup for Interviews & Stage
Editorial Makeup
Commercial Makeup
Makeup for Headshots
Makeup for H.D. Work
Makeup for Fitness Models
Red Carpet Makeup
Retro Glamour Makeup
Updated Glamour Makeup
Body Makeup for Print, Bridal & HD Work
Period Makeup from various Eras
200 Decades of Beauty & Recreating the Looks
100+ Years of Vogue Covers & Recreating the Looks
Working with Clients with Birthmarks
Working with Cancer Patients
Working with Alopecia Clients
Working with Facial Paralysis Clients
Working with Clients with Facial Disfigurements

Industry Ethics & Set Etiquette
Freelance Industry Terminology You Must Know
Determining Proper Rates for Yourself & Your Market
Finding Clientele to Start Out
Finding Clients – Everywhere You Look
How To Generate Immediate Income
Expanding Your Services
Successfully Explaining Your Services to Potential Clients
Launching Successful Brow Business
How to Take a Booking
How to Negotiate Rates
How to Raise Your Rates Successfully
Successfully Branding Yourself
Why Your Business Card is Costing You Jobs
Business Card Insight for More Success
Dealing with PETA & Cruelty Free Clients
Dealing with Clients Obsessed with M.A.C. or other Brands
Dealing with Clients That Want Youtube & Instagram Looks
Invoices & Other Pro Forms & Documents You Should Have
Hiring Dependable Assistants to Grow Your Business
Building a Successful Team
Bridal Industry Marketing
Charting Bridal Clients
Client Contracts
Appointment Scheduling – Simplified
Bridal Trade Shows done Successfully
Freelance Client Psychology
Taking a Concept & Executing the Looks
Getting Involved with Working in Runway
Becoming a Key Artist for the Runway Industry
Securing Work w/ Doctors, Plastic Surgeons, Cardiologists
Perfecting Your Skills, Speed & Confidence w/ Charity Work
Most Common Industry Mistakes
Dealing with Haters
Making It When You Have No Support
Changing Your Perspective for Success
Private Labeling Successfully
Developing Your Own Brand of Products
Creating a Strong Inspiration Book
How to Aquire Celebrity Clients
How to Get Your Work on Television
Creating an Impressive Reel
Creating a Powerful Industry Resume
Expanding Your Resume Properly
Opening a Salon, Makeup Studio, School – Successfully
The History of Beauty – From B.C. to Current Year
Beauty Museum Tour 2,800+ Vintage Beauty Items

Portfolio Wisdom & Building Your Book
Finding Photographers that Deliver to Your Expectations
How to Work Successfully with Photographers
How to Successfully Test to Get the Images You Need
How to Upscale the Crews You Work With
How to Pull Models from an Agency
Insight to Working Successfully with Models & Agencies
Selecting the Best Model Based on Job & Looks Needed
Determining the Best Images from a Shoot
Secrets to Creating WOW Images
Generating Your Own Test Shoots
Creating Story Boards
Creating Editorial Submissions
How to Get Published
Testing Agreements & Contracts
Proper Portfolio Layout
How Agencies Work
Submitting Your Book for Review
Getting Signed by An Agency
Negotiating Agency Contracts
Proper & Ethical Retouching
Finding a Good Retoucher
How to Articulate Retouching Requests

Securing Interviews w/ a Dept Store Cosmetic Companies
Securing Freelance Artistry for Retail Work
Techniques & Wisdom to Mastering Every Job Interview
Winning Pay Negotiations
How To Successfully Raise Your Rate as Retail Freelancer
Charting the Client
Successful Sales Skills – Simplified
Getting Promoted within the Retail Industry
Creating Successful Events
Increasing Your Business
Day-to-Day Retail Cosmetics Troubleshooting
Retail Client Psychology
Building Repeat Business
History of Retail Cosmetics

Private lessons are booked by the hour at $250. usd. If interested, you can email us direct:

Private Lessons: Live or via Webcam
Booked by the Hour at $250 usd

“Dear Donna Mee, you have literally blown my mind! I could not sleep last night! I dreamed about makeup and faces and all about what you taught me. You have given me a new vision to think about and a whole new world of makeup that I could not even imagined existed. Donna you are a GENIUS. What they teach overseas and at makeup schools is only the basics but Donna, I truly have not ever come across anyone who has your advanced knowledge. AND FOR ALL THE MAKEUP ARTISTS OUT THERE… IF YOU HAVEN’T LEARNED FROM DONNA you are doing yourself an INJUSTICE. Donna Mee, you are the THE ONLY Guru of the makeup industry.”

– Mrs. Khawar, Sydney, Australia